• Choice of a detective. These Times we usually find a detective agency on Internet. We should pay attention if there’s full address, company data and regular phone number. Detective who fails in publishing such a basic data is less reliable.
  • Talk on the phone. First contact with a detective usually happens by phone. During such a conversation client describes the situation that he faced, in which he needs help from the professional detective. In his very moment detective should initially value the price of his services. He should also describe the range of the actions he is going to take in a specific case. Next step is a direct meeting.
  • Direct contact. At first you can ask a detective to show documents that allow him to work as a private detective. If anything in previous steps was arousing suspicion, this is a perfect move. Act of law upon detective services states that detective services can be provided by a person who has a valid detective licence and is registered in specific „regulated activity register” tracked by MSWiA. Detective must have both of these documents at one time to provide his services legalny. The mentioned act of law also states that a detective must have an adequate insurance policy.
    If the legality of the detective is already checked and we decise to cooperate, detective should sign a written contract with the klient. Moreover, he should make out an invoice for pre-payment and established payment.
  • Final step. After finishing his work, due to the previous arrangements, detective passes on the effects of his activity in the form of a written report. Transmission of the report is his duty, which is stated in the act of law upon detective services. The report can be used as an evidence in court and the licensed detective can be examined in the trial as a witness.