To prevent against the increasing number of fraud-related activities we offer you verifying the reliability of sick leaves and such like. We also offer the services of experts who will review whether there was evidence of the disclosure of confidential information, insurance or matrimonial fraud. We carry out each case  professionally, thoroughly and individually.

Year by year insurance companies raise rates on our insuranced goods.

If you have just a cast of suspicion that there is someone who uses your trademark or registered name there is no need to hestitate on the actions you should take, because the delay can be unfavourable for your reputation and trademark.

In that very moment when we decide to get married, sometimes we do not think about the consequences of that huge decision. And these often are really sad. There are people who instead of getting married because they really love somebody, they do that because of money that somebody possesses. They  see the marriage as a simple way to get rich. It is worth checking before making a life-time decision just not to be horribly disappointed the next morning after sweet wedding. We will check your partner's transactions, do the research and collect as many information as possible to show you a real image of your chosen one.

Does it happen to you, that the absence of a worker who never was sick before is suspiciously long on behalf of a sick leave?

Although it is hard to bare with, it often happens that employees behave disloyally and do not keep the words given.