There is a tendency of associating this kind of services with a detective who, wearing dark sunglasses, follows cheating husbands. But not only in such situations are professional detective services useful. We will help you to establish relationships with your family members or friends, can interview a person you wish, or determine the sources of one's income for you.

This kind of service is especially useful for people who are in the middle of alimony lawsuit.

In most of the cases, environmental inquiry is made by educator or a social help officer, but sometimes you suspect, that in the environment surrounding your loved ones is going on something bad.

Sometimes there is a situation that we need to verify honesty of our partner. Data you will receive from us will be very useful on the ground of evidences.

ADULTERY: In such case, the most important thing is certainty, that's the reason why the basis of our actions is full discretion and effectiveness. Our actions are aimed to reveal all of the personal relations with the special attention paid to those informal. We will provide you a full pack of evidences to confirm adultery, but also to deny it if the suspicions were groundless.

DIVORCE: We offer you establishing addresses of residence of people with whom your partner is actually living in informal relation, we will provide you personal data of people involved, we will find out what is your partner doing in every minute of his/her life. When there is a divorce going on, the one very important thing is to have evidences like photos or video recordings. Our mission is to smoothly, precisely and unnoticed complete such documentation necessary to negotiate decent conditions of the divorce.

With no unnecessary questions asked and immediately we will create a group of well-trained detectives who will take a person pointed by you under surveillance.