All kinds of doubts can be dispelled by using expert opinions of various kinds. DNA test will help to determine paternity, lie detector will verify false evidence, fonoscopy will identify someone's voice, graphologist will analyze handwriting, while dactyloscopy experts will take care of fingerprints. We offer a professional and comprehensive service in this field. Ordering this type of our service will give you an absolute certainty.

Dactyloscopy analysis means identifying person on the base of fingerprints.

DNA test is used in criminal cases recently.

Fonoscopy is a test which identifies a voice of a certaint person from the sample of voice recorded.

This method is based on testing the handwriting.

In other words this test is based upon a lie detector. It is very old and effective method, although it is not the most popular. Usage of a lie detector allows us to verify false evidence of witnesses or suspects. In the case, when evidence given results in doubts in the matter of accordance with facts, polygraph tests are really helpful to clear the view on the case.