Everyone who runs a company or is in business knows that one of the most paramount issues is to have reliable information. It is necessary to examine each transaction with your contractors, their solvency as well as verify the credibility of documents. There is no point in risking the safety of your company therefore we suggest you full support in this type of transactions for you to be sure of the equity of decisions taken.

Running a business is always connected with the risk of an unfair competition, what is legaly regulated and forbidden.

Sometimes when we make important decisions that involve contractors it's worth knowing a little bit more than what is officialy written.

In business transactions there is a constant presence of piles of different documents.

Usually when we run the business we constantly get in touch with other companies, with which we cooperate and should trust. That is the reason why we should check our partners before starting business with them. We offer proffessional and accurate analysis on the company, that includes information about the financial past.

If you consider making an important transaction for the company it is important to check every time if the potential contractor is legal and transactions with him are free of risk.

Often during business transactions we have to rely on our intuition and feeling, and that in business can result in bad decisions. It is worth asking experts help and carefully examinate future cooperant or contractor. We will carefully analize the past of business and finances of your future contractor to help you make good and productive decisions supported with verified information.

Checking the financial status is based on accurate and professional estimation of financial capabilities of the future contractor, ex. by checking Debts Register, Commerce Register etc.