Nemezis Agency provides a wide range of detective services. We decided, for your convenience and timesaving, to prepare a bid, so as to be able to provide the necessary services and present competitive prices of the ones needed to meet your expectations. If you are interested contact us. Our detective will adjust relevant service to your order.

There is a tendency of associating this kind of services with a detective who, wearing dark sunglasses, follows cheating husbands. But not only in such situations are professional detective services useful. We will help you to establish relationships with your family members or friends, can interview a person you wish, or determine the sources of one's income for you.

Everyone who runs a company or is in business knows that one of the most paramount issues is to have reliable information. It is necessary to examine each transaction with your contractors, their solvency as well as verify the credibility of documents. There is no point in risking the safety of your company therefore we suggest you full support in this type of transactions for you to be sure of the equity of decisions taken.

To prevent against the increasing number of fraud-related activities we offer you verifying the reliability of sick leaves and such like. We also offer the services of experts who will review whether there was evidence of the disclosure of confidential information, insurance or matrimonial fraud. We carry out each case  professionally, thoroughly and individually.

Is anyone of your loved ones lost or hidden? Are you robbed of valuable goods or you can't find information about the person you care about? Contact us immediately and we guarantee that our best detectives will make every effort to obtain the necessary information and put an end to the stress associated with this type of unpleasant situations.

Do you feel that someone is trying to obtain information not intended for him? Are you afraid of surveillance? If you replied affirmatively to these questions you definitely need our experts, who not only will remove bugs and observers from your surroundings carefully but also will make every efort to find out who tried to obtain confidential information.

All kinds of doubts can be dispelled by using expert opinions of various kinds. DNA test will help to determine paternity, lie detector will verify false evidence, fonoscopy will identify someone's voice, graphologist will analyze handwriting, while dactyloscopy experts will take care of fingerprints. We offer a professional and comprehensive service in this field. Ordering this type of our service will give you an absolute certainty.